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September 2011

September 27, 2011

It seems Next in Montréal scored a bit of a cosmetics coup this season.

A stroll through the makeup counters reveals three major campaigns, with three different Next models.

Justine Paquette is actually the face of Marcelle's skin care and their cosmetics lines, while Sandra Bérubé is all over Lise Watier's imaging and Isla smoulders in the new ads for Annabelle.

Next's Justine Paquette for Marcelle

Next's Sandra Bérubé for Lise Watier

Next's Isla for Annabelle

September 23, 2011

A quick check-in with Montage suggests a couple girls worth bringing to your attention.

Ariane is someone Modelresource showed you in August, as part of Festival Mode et Design Montréal.

The 5'9½" blonde was featured in a recent La Presse article on new faces.

Meanwhile, someone Modelresource has been watching for nearly four years - Geneviève Bouffard - recently returned to Montréal after an extended overseas trip.

Look for her on the cover of the upcoming issue of Clin d'oeil.

Montage 5'9½" new face Ariane

Montage's Geneviève, by Maxyme Delisle

September 20, 2011

Last show season, you may recall, Modelresource was all about Madison Schill (click here, scroll down... you'll see) for the uniquely beautiful energy she brought to LG Fashion Week.

The Ford model took her game south this season, where she did 13 shows / presentations in New York (also with Ford).

Included in the 5'10" brunette's recent string of Manhattan appearances was a hometown turn for Toronto's Pink Tartan, and an opening slot for threeASFOUR.

The recent high school graduate - who has deferred studies at one of Canada's top business schools - was also cited in Youth In Motion's Top 20 Under 20 Awards, in part for her efforts to raise understanding of homelessness issues.

Ford's Madison Schill opening threeASFOUR (left) and for Christian Siriano
left photo: Alessandro Viero; right photo: Monica Feudi (both /

September 19, 2011

CoverModels' Hans in Gentlemen's Option magazine, from Italy.

CoverModels' Hans in Gentlemen's Option, from Milan

September 14, 2011

The Fall 2011 issue of Filler is out with new some decidedly morbid content in the fashion department.

Below are images from the story "A Beautiful Death," featuring Sutherland's Heather Peat; and "Lady Killer," starring Next's Mary Brisebois throughout the story, and a trail of male victims.

Sutherland's Heather Peat in Filler Magazine's "A Beautiful Death", by Zhang Jingna
fashion editor: Tricia Campbell-Hall (Ford); art direction: Ryan Johnson
makeup: Greg B (Push); hair: Adrian Carew (Push)

Next's Mary Brisebois and Push's Eric Ferket in Filler Magazine's "Lady Killer", by Dan Lim
creative direction: Ryan Johnson; fashion direction: Tricia Campbell-Hall (Ford)
hair & makeup: Aniya Nandy (Plutino Group)

September 12, 2011

(updated) The dates are back on the website, and LG Fashion Week is committed to October 17-23, but at a new location.

David Pecaut Square (formerly Metro Square) may be best known across the country as the site of the recent state funeral for former NDP leader Jack Layton.

The Fashion Design Council of Canada is hoping the prime downtown location draws the fashion crowd to their own event, now just weeks away.

That, of course, means castings are just around the corner.

With that in mind we offer these tips to increase your odds of booking the shows:

Casting Tips | Fashion Week Fit!

For a behind the scenes look at the making of this season's campaign, featuring Sutherland new face DJ, have a look at the video below:

Behind the Scenes with The FDCC and The Fashion Collective

September 6, 2011

Just days before Mercedes Benz Fashion Week gets underway in New York, Chantal Stafford-Abbott collects some gorgeous new tear sheets at home.

The Specs model appears in the new issue of Elle Canada, photographed by Leda & St-Jacques.

Chantal Stafford-Abbott
Chantal Stafford-Abbott
Chantal Stafford-Abbott
Chantal Stafford-Abbott
Chantal Stafford-Abbott
Chantal Stafford-Abbott
Chantal Stafford-Abbott
Chantal Stafford-Abbott
Specs' Chantale Stafford-Abbott in Elle Canada
photo: Leda & St-Jacques; hair & makeup: Paco (Satellite), styling: Anthony Mitropoulos

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