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November 2012

November 29, 2012

News from the West Coast, where Wilhelmina now has a Vancouver office.

The powerhouse agency - established 45 years ago in New York, by legendary model Wilhelmina Cooper - has added a number of offices around the world in recent years, from far off locales like Bangkok, to more proximal bureaus in Minneapolis and Philadelphia.

This first foray into Canada is an expansion of Wilhelmina's licensee network, meaning it is independently owned and licensing the network's high profile name and branding.

The agency's L.A.-based Director of Agency Licensing, Tara Treacy, tells Modelresource the objective with this office "is to have yet another opportunity to discover the diverse talent pool of Vancouver in addition to the existing agencies we already have close relationships with there."

"The owner, Tricia Romani, is a smart business woman who has a great eye for talent."

In addition to the benefits that come with the name, Treacy explains, the Vancouver office has the ability to work with Wilhelmina's broader network to direct-book their talent into B.C."

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November 23, 2012

New Face Alert

Key Models in Vancouver shared this new face with us.

15-year-old Diane was scouted about five months ago. "Since then," says Key Models owner Darren Dahl, "she has exploded with us not even promoting her to international agencies, but agencies seeing her on our site... she's the buzz of Vancouver now."

Key Models' 15-year-old, 5'8²" new face, Diane


Key Models' Diane in Hacid by Jessica Pechet

November 20, 2012

Congratulations to Jenna Earle, who was named Top New Face in Canada, Monday evening, at the P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards, in Toronto.

The 16-year-old Next model from Edmonton was one of three finalists, along with Sutherland's Zoë Colivas and Robbie Beeser from Elite.

Other winners were:

  • Best Art Direction: Tanya Watt, Flare
  • Best Beauty Feature of a Magazine or Newspaper – Trend/Profile (English): Adriana Ermter; Flare, Back by Popular Demand
  • Best Beauty Feature of a Magazine or Newspaper – Trend/Profile (French): Sophie St-Laurent; Châtelaine, BB La crème a tout faire
  • Best Beauty Feature of a Magazine or Newspaper – Scientific/Technical (English): Michelle Villett; Fashion, Best Beauty Innovations of 2011
  • Best Beauty Feature of a Magazine or Newspaper – Scientific/Technical (French): Micheline Lortie; Châtelaine, La nature en pot
  • Best Beauty Editor of a Magazine: Lesa Hannah; Fashion Magazine
  • Best Male Grooming Feature: Greg Hudson; Sharp Magazine, The Sharp Guide to Grooming: Stepping it Up
  • Hair Stylist of the Year: Justin German (
  • Best Fashion Feature of a Magazine or Newspaper (English): Sarah Nicole Prickett; Fashion Magazine, Bro Code
  • Best Fashion Feature of a Magazine or Newspaper (French): Elsa Vecchi; Dress to Kill, Spécial Design: Rad Hourani
  • Best Fashion Editor of a Magazine: George Antonopoulos, Fashion Magazine
  • Best Male Fashion Feature: Yang Goh; Sharp Magazine, Style Manual
  • Best Beauty or Fashion Blog (English): Sharon Ng Hayes; The Backseat Stylers
  • Best Beauty or Fashion Blog (French): Anik Lacasse-Richard; Montreal in Style
  • Best Beauty or Fashion Website:
  • Photographer of the Year: Malina Corpadean
  • Make-up Artist of the Year: Nicolas Blanchet (Folio)
  • Best Magazine Cover: Dress to Kill, Stéphane Le Duc, Winter 2011

    The last category was claimed by the D2K cover featuring Anaïs Pouliot (see below). It's worth noting that in a sea of celebrity-dominated glossies, two of the three finalists for Best Magazine Cover featured models (Daria, for Glow, being the other). Last year's winning cover (Clin d'oeil) featured Eve Salvail with Jean-Paul Gaultier. The year before was a Coco Rocha Fashion Magazine cover. Draw your own conclusion, but it seems pretty clear to me that Hollywood types should act (and host awards shows), while magazine covers should be left to models.

    Modelresource congratulates all the 2012 nominees.

    Jenna Earle
    Next's Jenna Earle with the P&G Beauty & Grooming award for Top New Face

    Anais Pouliot
    Best Cover: Folio's Anaïs Pouliot, by Nelson Simoneau

    Stacey McKenzie
    Next's Stacey McKenzie, Rob Lowe, and McKenzie's lipstick

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    November 7, 2012

    New Face Alert

    I first got notice of Ambrose a little more than a month ago, after the Vancouver-based blonde returned from Shanghai.

    The Deja Vu model's next stop is Bangkok, where he is with Wilhelmina One.

    Ambrose is also now featured on Juried, by Lynol Lui.


    Deja Vu's Ambrose, by Lynol Lui

    November 6, 2012

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