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November 2011

November 29, 2011

Sincere congratulations to Toronto's Calope (, who has been getting some very substantial, very positive international attention, and doing it by making models the focus of his work.

Over the weekend, Ben Trovato started a running feature of the Filipino-born photog's work, entitled "Le Mannequin."

The ten week series is intended to show models without styling and makeup - unmasked in a sense - as the real people Dove tries to invalidate (okay, that last bit is my own long-harboured resentment).

Calope's model-focused work was also featured this weekend on Fashion Gone Rogue, featuring Elite's Kathleen Clark.

Just two weeks earlier, Calope's portraits of Elite's Irina Funtikova also appeared on FGR.

Ford's Jeannine for Ben Trovato, by Calope

Elite's Kathleen Clark for Fashion Gone Rogue, by Calope

November 23, 2011

Recently, during LG Fashion Week, I had the chance to chat with Liisa Winkler.

A few days earlier she opened for Jean-Pierre Braganza at The ShOws. On this night she would join the most star-studded cast of Canadian models to hit a single runway, walking with the likes of Kirsten Owen, Yasmin Warsame, Heather Marks, Meghan Collison, Kate King, Kori Richardson, Tara Gill, Taryn Davidson, Amanda Laine, Alex Loomans, Herieth Paul and others in Joe Fresh's new collection.

After the show I spoke with her further, framing in my head the interview that would follow.

Over the years I've said many times that today's Canadian models should thank Liisa Winkler, but never really explained myself.

Now, with the assistance of her mother agent, Mode Elle's Audra Anderson, I have the opportunity to tell you why this industry veteran (and twitter newbie: @LiisaWinkler1) deserves the respect of every Canadian model that followed.

Modelresource's feature on one of the truly legendary Canadian models (who also happens to be on the cover of Fashion Magazine for the third time), starts here.

Mode Elle's Liisa Winkler for Jean-Pierre Braganza (left, photo: Steve Alkok)
and Joe Fresh (photo: Therese de Jesus)

Mode Elle's Liisa Winkler in Fashion Magazine (December 2011)
photo: Seiji Fujimori; styling: Tammy Eckenswiller

November 22, 2011

This was brought to my attention last week, and it seemed appropriate to share it with Modelresource's audience since TVCs can make up a big part of a Canadian model's income.

Steven Mann - for those that don't know - is one of the top television commercial Casting Directors in Canada.

I would tell you more, but Steven says it better:

A Few 'Commercial' Thoughts...

By Steven Mann in Mann Casting

Hey everyone, every now and then I will try and give you a different perspective on this crazy business. Today I wanted to discuss what "Consumer Identifiable" is.

There are many of you that have perhaps submitted on my jobs that haven't received an audition. First and foremost DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. I understand those words are in fact a very small consolation, however you must realize it is simply impossible to please everyone all the time. You have no idea of the volume I receive, especially going outside of the box and looking for new and or unrepresented people.

However for the time being I would like you to pay more attention to the commercials as you watch TV, maybe even more so than the show. The reason I am addressing commercials is because they are my business. I do long format as well, however the bulk of my business is, in fact, commercials.

After doing this gig for so many years I have come to understand that what you may see on any given Saturday afternoon in the food court at any given Mall is not necessarily a fair representation of what you may see on TV, and vice versa. How many interracial couples do you see in TV commercials? How many overweight and unhealthy looking people do you see in McDonalds Ads? How many times can Oliver buy your unwanted jewellery? Okay perhaps the last example doesn't apply - I simply hate those commercials as they are the plankton on the food chain of production... BUT they are also effective.

Remember I don't make the rules or write the spots. Like you, I'm just trying to make a living, provide for my family and hopefully have a good hair day every now and then.

After so many years and so many commercials cast I know what will please agencies, directors, and clients. Not all the time, but most times I do. That being said it's nothing I can break down and explain to you - not because I don't want to, but moreso I wouldn't even know where to begin. The commercial business can be a bit crazy at times, not to mention super picky.

When we get the creative (scripts, boards, directors treatment, etc) we have a lot of information and requests to process. Many times when I approach a job I try and work/cast outside the box. Specs are simply just that; sure we follow them to the best of our ability, however you won't see me bring in a 55-year-old male as a young mom, I won't explore the idea of 35-year-old woman playing an expecting father and I will not entertain the notion that teens should be selling product that may cause flushing, headache, nasal congestion, stomach discomfort following meals, abnormal vision including blurred vision, seeing shades of colors differently than before, or sensitivity to light, bladder pain, cloudy urine, dizziness, increased frequency of urination, pain on urination, diarrhea, bleeding of the eye, convulsions (seizures), decreased or double vision or in extreme cases blindness, a blue tint to your vision, prolonged, painful, or inappropriate erection of penis, redness, burning, or swelling of the eye or anxiety. Okay maybe not all the time, but most times.

I always follow the age range as best I can BUT always try to bring in the BEST actors, regardless, period. The 'who' art of the commercial audition will be left for another discussion however. For now let's try to examine what clients/agency/directors are looking for on any given commercial.

Again, there are some of you that have submitted so many times and haven't received an audition. There are some of you that have, and not only received an audition but actually booked a job! I get really excited when that happens, however remember each job is different. The time frame is different and my stress levels can fluctuate faster than a rabbit on Vicodin!

Sometimes I get caught up in such a tight time frame and clusterf**k of paper and submissions I cannot sift through them all and even accommodate anyone that is applying through Facebook.

Remember, like you, I too am a freelancer who works job-to-job. Like you I have good months, great months and months that you get concerned about this business, however many of you simply do not understand what goes on behind the scenes of casting. Selecting pictures and faces is the easy part - there are so many additional components at play. A regular work day is about 12 hours (in office). I am here at 7:00ish and if I can get home before 7:30 it's a good day. Yes there are days where I can get home early, but 12 hours is pretty much the norm.

I want you all to know that I really appreciate the fact that you submit on my jobs - it's a great resource - however, again, I simply can't get you all in. It's not you, it's me. Sometimes it's not me, it's you... and other times its just gut instinct and judgment.

I don't know many of you, but I can say that some of the pictures that some of you send are simply awful. That's not said with disrespect but if I don't know you and my job is to assess the way you look why not put your best face forward? I don't need professional head shots. Hell you can drag-and-drop some of your FB pics if need be, as long as I am able to get a good 'vibe' and idea of how you look. You'd be stunned at how many terrible shots I get. Some of which are even blurry!!!

If you are submitting for a 'MOM' don't send me pictures of you in a bathing suit or with tons of make on. Always send me a clear visible picture. In fact send two: one that I can see your frame and one that I can see your face. It would help a lot.

So again, please pay more attention to who is in commercials. It's usually simply regular people that have a 'safer' look unless its an over the top comedic spot. And most importantly please don't be upset if you haven't gotten in. I am a one 'Mann' show and very busy... I am doing my best to please a lot of people.

Good luck,

Steven Mann
Mann Casting

Mann Casting's (high recommended) Facebook group:

November 21, 2011

There's a good chance you already know a bit about Modelresource's latest Featured Model.

We first introduced you to her three-and-a-half years ago, and have loved her unique energy and style ever since.

Sam Ypma is quite popular in the international online community as well, having established a pretty high profile on The Fashion Spot, where she has been an active member for years.

The Mode model just landed in Korea, where she has worked very successfully in the past.

In recent months the Lacombe, Alberta, blonde has also appeared in Contributing Editor, Oyster and Interview, as well as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (New York) shows like Jeremy Laing and Araks.

Check out Mode's blog for more.

Mode's Sam Ypma in IT Post magazine, by Boris Ovini

November 18, 2011


Specs shares this very promising new find.

Anthony Shannon has only been with the agency a few weeks and has already worked with several Montréal photographers.

Interestingly, the 6'1" brunette is a childhood friend of Specs' Chantal Stafford-Abbott.

Specs' 6'1" new face Anthony Shannon (all photos:

November 15, 2011


For the third straight week, we're introducing a new face from Montage.

This time it's 5'9½" Mira, with blue eyes and dark blonde hair.

Montage's 5'9½" new face Mira

November 11, 2011

New tear sheets from Modelresource contributor and former Featured Model Kyla Love, from Madame Figaro (Greece).

The LizBell model also made a recent appearance in Contributor Magazine, photographed by Gene Doe.

More of both stories appear on LizBell's blog.

LizBell's Kyla Love, in Madame Figaro, by Filippo Del Vita

LizBell's Kyla Love, in Contributor, by Gene Doe

November 10, 2011

One of the more popular models at the recent fashions shows in Toronto - both with other models and with booking clients - was Jacqueline Summers.

The 5'11", green-eyed brunette only started registering on most of the industry's radar a little more than a year ago, despite being with Sutherland Models for quite some time.

From Mississauga, Summers actually started with the agency's Kamera Kids division, appearing in tv commercials, catalogues and print campaigns before moving to the women's board.

Currently in New York with DNA, she also appears on the cover of the most recent Glow, photographed by Chris Nicholls.

Sutherland's Jacqueline Summers, on the cover of Glow, by Chris Nicholls (
hair: Sally Hershberger; makeup Greg Wencel (; styling Rita Liefhebber (Ford)

Sutherland's Jacqueline Summers, for Calla Haynes (left), by Steve Alkok (
and for Attitude, Jay Manuel, by Therese de Jesus (

Sutherland's Jacqueline Summers in her Kamera Kids days

November 9, 2011


Last week we introduced you to 5'10" Eve.

Today, another new face from Montage, in the form of 5'8" Lexie.

Montage's 5'8" new face Lexie, by Daniel Cianfarra (

November 8, 2011


I actually had the privelege of being on set for this model's first editorial shoot.

Alanna is a new face with Ford, who has been booking up a storm since being placed there by Chantale Nadeau.

In just a few months the 5'10" blonde has booked the Tabula Rosa campaign (photographed by Greg Swales), shot the look book for Mulcair (by Donat) and worked with Gabor Jurina, Maude Arsenault and Geneviève Charbonneau, to name just a few.

First season runway credits include Korhani, Mercedes Benz Start-Up, David Dixon, Lucian Matis, Thomas Tait and Calla Haynes.

Her first editorial - referenced earlier - was photographed by Lily & Lilac in August, and appears in the new issue of Magpie Darling.

Ford's Alanna, by Erwin Loewen (

Ford's Alanna, by Donat (

Ford's Alanna, in Calla Haynes (left), by Steve Alkok (
and Korhani by Therese de Jesus (

Ford's Alanna, in Magpie Darling, by Lily & Lilac (
makeup & hair: GianLuca Orienti (Judy Inc.); styling: Salem Moussallam

November 7, 2011

It's been just over two years since Modelresource first told you about Tiera Skovbye.

Since then the 5'9" blonde (with Next in Vancouver) has balanced her education, a busy acting career (IMDB) and modelling on both sides of the Pacific, with stays in Montréal and Toronto.

Her latest tear sheets appear in December's Elle Canada, photographed by Richard Bernardin (Richard Bernardin).

The full story appears on Next Canada's blog.

Next's Tiera, by Richard Bernardin (
Direction: Denis Desro; Styling: Fritz

November 3, 2011

Since Modelresource started following Amanda Nimmo more than two years ago, we've watched her career turn into something special.

Over the past few months, the CoverModels' discovery (with Spot 6 in Toronto; Montage in Montréal) walked a slew of shows in Paris, before returning to Canada for LG Fashion Week.

Currently the 5'10", blue-eyed blonde is in Tokyo with Bravo, and now appears on the cover of Müdd, photographed by Richard Dubois (

CoverModels's Amanda Nimmo for Müdd, by Richard Dubois
styling: Christine Vieira (Ford); makeup & hair: Mahfud Ibrahim (Ford)

CoverModels's Amanda Nimmo from Mode à Paris
(photos provided by CoverModels)

CoverModels's Amanda Nimmo for Pink Tartan (left) and Joe Fresh (right) at LGFW
both photos: Therese de Jesus ( for Modelresource

November 3, 2011


New from Montage, please welcome 5'10" new face Eve.

Montage's 5'10" new face Eve, by Maxyme G. Delisle (

November 2, 2011

Sarah Jordan
Specs' Sarah Jordan
Congratulations to recent Featured Model Sarah Jordan who was awarded the P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards honours for Best New Face Tuesday night.

The Specs model was chosen ahead of two other very strong nominees from Elmer Olsen; Senait Gidley and Justin Pinos.

Other winners included:

  • Chris Nicholls, who took Photographer of the Year, for the third straight year.
  • Anna Barseghian (Ford Artists), for Hair Stylist of the Year.
  • Sabrina Rinaldi (Judy Inc), for Makeup Artist of the Year.
  • Susie Sheffman (Fashion Magazine), for Best Fashion Editor of a Magazine.
  • Kristen Vinakmens and Wing Sze Tang (Flare) for Best Beauty Editor of a Magazine.
  • Marianne Thornton, Clin d'oeil (July 2011), for Best Magazine Cover.

    The evening was hosted by Kim Cattrall, and featured such presenters as Jeanne Beker (Fashion Television), Glen Baxter (In Fashion) and Jully Black (Juno Award-winning singer, and the funniest person in the room); as well as Canadian fashion designers Evan Biddell, Philippe Debuc, Sunny Fong (VAWK), Jeremy Laing and Kirk Pickersgill & Stephen Wong (Greta Constantine).

    Modelresource congratulates all the nominees.

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