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November 2009

November 30, 2009

Folio's MacKenzie

Folio's adding a great new guy into the Montréal mix.

Pictured here is 19-year-old MacKenzie - a 6'2" blue-eyed brunette.

(more images below)

New face MacKenzie - 6'2"

November 27, 2009

When Modelresource predicted nearly four years ago that we would be seeing a lot more from Folio's Cathy Charest, we were right.

From her 2008 covers of LouLou and Spade, to her campaign for Lise Watier, the stunning 5'9" brunette has been very visible.

This image below is from the new issue of Singapore Harper's Bazaar.

Charest is currently in Japan, and will return to Montréal in the new year.

Cathy Charest
Folio's Cathy Charest (right) for Harper's Bazaar (Singapore)

November 24, 2009

Sarah Jackson
Chantale Nadeau's Sarah Jackson
One of Modelresource's first Featured Models, Sarah Jackson (August 2007), just returned from London where she shot her second campaign for Fantasie lingerie.

For someone that waited until her late 20s to start her career, the Chantale Nadeau model has had a wildly successful career.

Says Nadeau: "With her gorgeous personality and womanly body, it really shows that if you believe in yourself the sky is the limit. She makes me so proud!!!"

Jackson is with Leni's (formerly Quintessentially) in London, Sutherland in Toronto and Folio in Montréal.

(more images below)

Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson for Fantasie lingerie

November 23, 2009


Although he grew up in Toronto, only now does CoverModels' Nathan have representation in his hometown.

The 6'½" brunette - who made Ottawa his post-secondary destination - spent the last several months working in New York, before seeing agencies in Toronto last week.

The bilingual Montréal native is now signed with Next.

CoverModels's Nathan, now with Next

November 23, 2009

At the end of a very busy summer that saw Laura Kell appearing in Flare, Fashion, Cheek and Filler; as well is in stunning images for Mikhael Kale (, the West Vancouver native returned home briefly.

That West Coast sojourn proved to be yet another opportunity to build her book, as the Next model made time to shoot with Jeff Petry ( for NUVO magazine.

Kell - who just started modelling in the summer - is now back in university in Ottawa, where she is managed by CoverModels.

Laura Kell
CoverModels' Laura Kell in NUVO
photos: Jeff Petry (Nobasura); styling: Leila Bani (THEY Represent);
makeup & hair: Brenda Bakker (Liz Bell)

November 20, 2009

Liisa Winkler
Mode Elle's Liisa Winkler
and daughter Stella
Mode Elle is announcing the return of Liisa Winkler just a few months after the birth of her son Oskar.

The 5'11" 31-year-old has been managed by Mode Elle for 16 years, and according to agency owner Audra Anderson, is already confirmed for an editorial in the February 2010 issue of Fashion Magazine.

The image on the left - also featuring Winkler's three-year-old daughter Stella - is from the November issue of Canadian Family magazine.

November 19, 2009

About a decade ago, while living in Calgary, a big name on the local scene was a certain artist at Angles hair salon.

Hung Vanngo ( was damn good then, and just look at him now.

Pictured below is the new cover of i-D featuring Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen and Claudia Schiffer, as debuted Wednesday on

Photographed by Kayt Jones, this is the first i-D cover to feature the makeup talents of Vanngo.

Modelresource, of course, is super happy for the transplanted Vietnamese-Canadian, who is truly a skilled artist and a damn fine person.

Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen and Claudia Schiffer
1 Management's Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen and Claudia Schiffer
photo: Kayt Jones; editor: Pippa Vosper; hair: Ed Moelands; makeup: Hung Vanngo

November 18, 2009

Britt Schafer
Next's Britt Schafer
Bazaar in Thailand published a beautiful story last week featuring one of Next's West Coast models.

Britt Schafer - who spent her summer working in Barcelona - is the kind of model that makes my efforts with Modelresource feel worthwhile. Anyone who takes advantage of the opportunities this industry provides to enrich themselves as humans, not just clothes hangers, is the type of person I want to write for/about.

"North Americans could learn so much from these amazing people. Everyone here just laughs everything off. No big deal, my friend! Laid back."

The 5'9", green-eyed, blonde tells Modelresource about going to temples, coming face-to-face with tigers and elephants, checking out waterfalls and riding a bamboo raft down a river, for "$35 CDN including transportation and a traditional Thai lunch." Amazing.

As far as work goes, Schafer has done several editorials, a few catalogues, a Marie Claire/Clinique event, Elle Fashion Week and several other shows, but one of the highlights thusfar she says, was shooting on the beach for the label Fly Now. "The teams shoot so fast here... 5 - 10 frames and then you hear, 'ok change!,' and they feed you at least twice on set!"

"I would come back to work here in a heartbeat, and make extra time to enjoy the people, the food, and the country even more than I already am beyond Bangkok. I really want to travel more of Southeast Asia. I feel like I am growing so much with every trip and every experience. I am so thankful I decided to finally commit to this industry after years of debating whether or not it was right for me."

And this goes back to what I mentioned earlier. The industry led Schafer to Thailand, which led her to explore new paths. "I am finding myself growing more curious about spirituality as a result of this trip and am planning on doing a lot of reading. So cool to see Monks in person. Just being on the streets or wandering the mazes of lanes makes you feel like you're on another planet sometimes. The energy and buzz of Bangkok is unreal... and yet there is some sort of surreal tranquility."

(more images below)

Britt Schafer
Britt Schafer in Harper's Bazaar

November 17, 2009

Elyse Saunders
Ford's Elyse Saunders
in German Glamour
German Glamour calls on Elyse Saunders' amazing angles to sell this month's issue.

The Ford model was photographed by Nagi Sakai.

(more images below)

Elyse Saunders
Elyse Saunders by Nagi Sakai

November 16, 2009

Next new face Tianna

You have to love when open calls produce results like this.

Tianna, a 5'10½" beauty from Yellowknife walked into Next's Montréal office two weeks ago, where she met with an enthusiastic response.

By last week she was already working, promoting Dynamite's new fragrance.

(more images below)

Tianna - 5'10½"

November 16, 2009

Next's Marie-Eve
for Renata Morales
Since being discovered just a few short months ago, things have gone very, very well for Next's Marie-Eve.

The 17-year-old currently appears in Canada for Tristan and Renata Morales.

In New York, meanwhile, was so taken with the 5'11" Québecoise, they included her in a Friday "newbies" missive.

Marie-Eve departed yesterday for Paris, where she is with Ford.

(more images below)

Next's Marie-Eve for Tristan

November 13, 2009

Kate Somers
Ford's Kate Somers in U.S. Elle
If it's Kate Somers it's bound to be great.

Here is the Ford model, photographed in Santa Monica for U.S. Elle by Horst Diekgerdes, styled by Camille Bidault-Waddington.

The same trio worked together for March's issue, which produced equally fantastic results.

Diekgerdes also shot Somers for Teen Vogue in 2008.

(more images below)

Kate Somers

Kate Somers

Kate Somers
Ford's Kate Somers
photo: Horst Diekgerdes; styling: Camille Bidault-Waddington

November 12, 2009

Vancouver's Alicia Demerson is the camera's focus in a new Vancouver Fashion eZine story.

The Next model was photographed for Sans Soucie - Just one Aspect, by Mike Lewis (

Alicia Demerson

Alicia Demerson

Alicia Demerson
Next's Alicia Demerson in Vancouver Fashion eZine
photo: Mike Lewis; styling: Krista Sung
makeup: Dan Nguyen (They Rep)
hair: Dan Nguyen and Dee Kane

November 11, 2009

If this country's magazines want to keep publishing Addison Gill I'm not one to complain. The girl is golden in my books.

Here, for the third time in two weeks, is the Sutherland model appearing in print across Canada, this time in Fashion.

Addison Gill

Addison Gill

Addison Gill

Addison Gill

Addison Gill

Addison Gill
Sutherland's Addison Gill in Fashion
photo: Adam Levett; styling: Susie Sheffman

November 10, 2009

Reach way back to July and you'll see a New Face Alert introducing you to Next's Chelsea.

The 5'9" blue-eyed brunette - discovered by Ainsley McWha - is now seeing eight pages all to herself in the new Lou Lou, photographed by Geneviève Charbonneau.


Next new face Chelsea in Lou Lou
photo: Geneviève Charbonneau (
styling: Carolyne Brown

November 9, 2009

Steph del Alba
Mode's Steph del Alba
As we mentioned on Friday, Modelresource managed to collect a bunch of Mode updates at the same time.

Here then, more from the Western Canadian powerhouse:

  • Steph Del Alba, who we last told you about in August, is currently in Korea.

  • Marie Cruttenden is in L.A. right now, and according to Mode manager Michael Meneghetti, "working every day." Her new snapshots are below. After this she's off to Paris.

  • Relative newcomer Gloria Loitz was photographed by Josh Olins for the Spring 2010 United Colours of Benneton campaign. (no images yet)

  • Heather Marks' new NARS campaign - shown below - is now in worldwide release.

    (more images below)

  • Marie Cruttenden
    Marie Cruttenden in L.A. with Photogenics

    Heather Marks
    Heather Marks, for NARS

    November 6, 2009

    Lauren Topley
    Next's Lauren
    photo: Matthew Lynstyling: Shea (Judy Inc)
    makeup & hair: Dee Daly (Judy Inc)
    Friday brings a variety of updates:

  • Matthew Lyn ( provided us with a striking new image of Next's Lauren.

  • Addison Gill makes her third appearance on this site in the last week. This time it's the Sutherland model's new editorial in Flare (images below).

  • Mode sent a few updates, including:
    • New snapshots on Hannah Donker who is currently in New York with IMG.

    • New digitals of Julia Dunstall as well, courtesy of Women.

    • Anna Carter has tearsheets coming in from Greece, and as Mode manager Michael Meneghetti tells us, they're "all kinds of gorgeous!"

    We still have more Mode news to share. Please check back Monday.

    (more images below)

  • Addison Gill
    Sutherland's Addison Gill, for Flare
    photography: Max Abadian; Editor: Liz Cabral
    hair & makeup: Tony Masciangelo (Page One)

    Hannah Donker
    Mode's Hannah Donker

    Julia Dunstall
    Mode's Julia Dunstall

    Anna Carter
    Mode's Anna Carter, from Greece

    November 5, 2009

    Rachel Roberts
    LizBell's Rachel Roberts
    News today from LizBell's Rachel Roberts.

    The Vancouver model (now with Next worldwide) just landed a major television role as Alda Herzog in the ABC series FlashForward.

    Roberts has also appeared in episodes of Entourage, Numb3rs, Ugly Betty and several other shows.

    Her most notable acting credit was her 2002 starring role in S1m0ne, opposite Robert De Niro.

    A clip of Roberts' performance in FlashForward can be seen on LizBell's blog.

    November 4, 2009

    Next's Isla for FEMME
    When Modelresource travelled to Montréal for Semaine de mode, we made a point of meeting someone we had been hearing a lot about.

    Isla, to whom you were first introduced in a September New Face Alert, has been one of the busiest models in Montréal since starting earlier that month.

    Yesterday the 5'10" brunette's FEMME Sandra Angelozzi campaign - photographed beautifully by Richard Bernardin ( - was released across Canada.

    At the same time new images from La Senza started to circulate, also featuring the Next new face.

    (more images below)


    Next's Isla by Richard Bernardin
    styling: Cloé Legault (Satelite)
    hair & makeup: Geneviève Lenneville (Folio)

    Next's Isla for La Senza

    November 3, 2009

    We've told you about Canadian photographer Jessie Craig ( a couple times in the past; first in February, then again in April.

    In the months since, her work has gained an even greater audience, thanks in no small part to being selected a finalist in the Dazed and Confused Raw Blog Awards.

    Then just yesterday her photography was featured on the widely viewed website Fashion Does It Better.

    These images, from Magnificent Magazine, are of Mode's Kathleen Burbridge.

    Craig is currently living in the U.K.

    Kathleen Burbridge

    Kathleen Burbridge
    Mode's Kathleen Burbridge, by Jessie Craig

    November 2, 2009

    As we promised on Friday, here are the latest tearsheets for the spectacular Ms. Addison Gill.

    The Sutherland model was photographed for December's Elle Canada by Geoff Barrenger (

    Addison Gill

    Addison Gill

    Addison Gill

    Addison Gill
    Sutherland's Addison Gill, for Elle Canada
    photography: Geoff Barrenger; art direction: Denis Desro
    styling: Fritz; hair & makeup: Geneviève Lenneville

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