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July 2012

July 31, 2012


Victoria's edge agency sent us this 17-year-old beauty.

Anya is a West Coast girl, who since being scouted three months ago has been on quite the tear.

According to her manager, Barbara Pilling, the 5'10" brunette was flown to Milan as soon as the school year ended, where Boom has kept her working non-stop with clients like Adidas and G-Star.

Pilling further tells Modelresource a major Italian label has an exclusive hold on her for the upcoming show season.

Anya is also represented by Major in Paris and will have chosen her New York rep in a matter of days.

July 30, 2012


Click the image of Sutherland's Leah Trottier for Adam Levett's story on JURIED

July 27, 2012

My favourite new discovery this week has to be Just Another Fashion Magazine; an online offering of current trends, created and curated by Canadian Lisa Dengler.

Raised in Toronto's Beaches community, the Architecture student-on-hiatus lives in Zurich, but is currently back in the Ontario capital where she's churning out a new iPad optimized issue every week.

Just the publishing schedule alone would be onerous, but then consider the 23-year-old also does the casting, location scouting, styling and photography herself.

These images come from Issue #17, featuring Next's Ellen Atkinson.

Next Canada's Ellen Atkinson in Just Another Fashion Magazine,
photographed and styled by Lisa Dengler

July 26, 2012


Click the image of Next's Laura Kell for Irem Harnak's story on JURIED

July 25, 2012


Click the image of Spot 6's Rama and Push's Matthew for Neeto da Silva's story on JURIED

July 24, 2012


Click the image of Ford's Michael for Ramin Deravian's story on JURIED

July 23, 2012

Unfortunately you can't always be right.

Two years ago I rather confidently stated "... it's only a matter of time before you're seeing his work in a lot more places." I was talking about Gian Carlo Drueco, and had cancer not claimed him last Thursday I still wouldn't flinch from that prediction.

Gian was not only one of the best young photographers in the city just 29 when he passed away he was also a friend that I had the pleasure of introducing to many other friends (who subsequently became his friends), as well as several of my favourite watering holes. Like me, he was very self-assured... even more so after a beer or two.

Many photographers met Gian through PunchUPs (meetings of local photographers, hosted by Modelresource), where the Filipino-Canadian was never shy about sharing his views. Not everyone knew how to take his outspokenness at first (a spectacle I always enjoyed), but I never heard one word of disrespect for the man or his work. His talent was more than evident, and it backed up his every opinion.

Losing a friend is never easy and neither is writing about it, which is one of many reasons I'm so grateful to Michelle Repasky for being the person Gian needed before and after his diagnosis in April. Her own blog about their journey together through several rounds of tests and treatments, ups and downs, is an incredibly touching portrait of courage and the good humour my friend kept right until his last days. You can read it here:

Gian Carlo Drueco's photography can be viewed at

July 19, 2012

There's something pretty great about a classicly good looking male model that's not afraid to get silly for the camera. The quirky dudes can make a career of pulling faces, but the more predictably handsome ones tend to get by on sheepish grins and cocky smirks.

Felix Bujo is definitely one of my favourites, because he effortly pulls off charming and goofy at the same time.

Spot 6's Québecois recently put his personality on display for The Fashionisto, in a very fun story shot in New York by Hannah Sider (

Check out the whole story at

Felix Bujo

Spot 6's Felix Bujo for The Fashionisto, by Hannah Sider

July 18, 2012


Click the image of Elmer Olsen's Brittany for Jeffrey Chan's story on JURIED

July 17, 2012

Filler Magazine ( just released two stories we're rather happy to share.

The fashion editorial "Mon Bardot" features Ford's Tamara McDonald, photographed by Carl William W. Heindl (

Next's Jenna Earle appears in the new beauty story "Shadow Play," photographed by Koby (Koby Inc).

Tamara McDonald

Tamara McDonald

Ford's Tamara McDonald in Filler, by Carl William W. Hiendl
styling: Terri Dacquisto (Plutino Group); hair & makeup: Beth Duclos (Judy Inc)

Jenna Earle

Jenna Earle

Next's Jenna Earle in Filler, by Koby
hair & makeup: Vittorio (Plutino Group)

July 17, 2012


Click the image of Elite's Skylar for Jaclyn Locke's story on JURIED

July 16, 2012


Click the image of Dulcedo's Vanessa for Marie H. Rainville's story on JURIED

July 6, 2012


Click the image of Dulcedo's Vanessa for Marie H. Rainville's story on JURIED

July 5, 2012

It's a little surprising that one of the top Canadian models of the past decade, Meghan Collison, is still breaking new ground.

With numerous covers of Vogue in her portfolio and some of the most prestigious runway exclusives booked in recent years, the Edmontonian added her first couture credit earlier this week, walking for Chanel in Paris.

The 5'11" brunette also appears on the cover of the new issue of Elle Canada, alongside fellow Mode model Heather Marks.

Jade Willoughby

Mode's Heather Marks & Meghan Collison for Elle Canada, by Jean-Claude Lussier
styling: Alisa Krost; makeup: Sabrina Rinaldi (Judy Inc)

July 4, 2012


Click the image of Ford's Chelsea and Meagan for Matthew Furtado's story on JURIED

July 3, 2012

It's been about six weeks since Models x Models went live, giving models a platform to share their insights and frustrations about an industry that often expects them to remain mute.

Added this weekend was Jade Willoughby's take on the how females and males approach the industry differently (direct link here).

The CoverModels brunette also appears in Vancouver's Assignment Fashion, photographed by Liz Brand.

Jade Willoughby

Jade Willoughby

Jade Willoughby
CoverModels' Jade Willoughby in Assignment Fashion, by Liz Brand
makeup: Erin Heather; hair: Vanessa Passley; styling: Stephanie Brand

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