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December 2010

December 22, 2010

Filler keeps the content rolling out, with two new editorials launched this week.

"Modern Day Diety" was photographed by Renata Kaveh ( and features Next's Grace.

Another Next model, Chris Cann also figures in the new issue alongside Push's Naro, in the story "The Future has a Silver Lining," by Jospeh Saraceno (

Next's Grace in Filler, by Renata Kaveh
styling: Alissia Marciano (Plutino); makeup & hair: Vittorio (Plutino)

Next's Chris Cann & Push's Naro in Filler, by Joseph Saraceno
fashion direction: Tricia Campbell-Hall (Ford) & Gabrielle Swan; makeup & hair: Lori-Ann Lazary

December 21, 2010

Remember back in July, when we introduced you to 5'6" Chantelle?

Well, here are some other Lexington models you should know about:

  • Cecilia, 5'8½, is off to Thailand in January.
  • Amanda, also 5'8½, just got back from Hong Kong and is also off to Thailand in January
  • Emily, 5'8", is off to Athens in January.

    Three of the agency's new faces - 5'9" Claire, 5'8" Charlotte and 5'8" Emma - were signed to Wilhelmina, and will be headed to New York in March.

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    December 17, 2010

    It was back in Febraury that Modelresource first introduced you to Alex G in a New Face Alert.

    Since then the 5'8" Vancouver brunette (also shown in Modelresource's profile on photographer Lindsey Drennan) has worked in Toronto and Montréal, while appearing in the new campaign for Edmonton's Southgate Centre.

    The Next model also shows up in the brand new Photographer & Muse Magazine, which we first told you about yesterday.

    More from "Remains of the Sea" can be seen at Modelresource Plus+.

    Next Canada's Alex G. in Photographer and Muse (left), by Benjamin Kwan,
    and in Southgate Centre campaign (Edmonton)

    December 16, 2010

    The newest online mag to surface in Toronto is Photographer & Muse (; a companion site to Think Contra (

    Here's a look at one of the very first stories published, featuring Elmer Olsen's gorgeous new face Serafima.

    Shot by Lindsey Drennan, more from "Boy Meets Girl" can be seen at Modelresource Plus+.

    Elmer Olsen's Serafima in Photographer and Muse, by Lindsey Drennan
    makeup & hair: Jackie Shawn (Judy Inc); styling: Donovan Whyte (Judy Inc)

    December 14, 2010

    Oh, internet, you never cease to deliver.

    This morning, while poking through the vast, seemingly endless webosphere I came across a London-based online mag called Push It (, featuring editorials from two Canadian photographers and three Canadian models.

    Maude Arsenault's story "Sam and Masha" features - not surprisingly - Samantha (Montage) and Masha (Folio).

    "Stripped Down," meanwhile, is the Gian Carlo Drueco story, featuring Danielle Knudson (Sutherland, Montage, Mode).

    See more from each editorial at Modelresource Plus+.

    Sutherland's Danielle Knudson in Push It, by Gian Carlo Drueco
    makeup & hair: Claudine Balthazar (Plutino); styling: Yen Chen

    Montage's Samantha (left) and Folio's Masha in Push It, by Maude Arsenault
    makeup & hair: Paco (Satellite); styling: Sara Bruneau (Satellite)

    December 10, 2010

    I get a lot of questions from not-so-tall girls that wonder if Asia is going to be their only market.

    It's so important for models to understand that if you're under 5'9", not only is there less flexibility in how toned your body needs to be, but you have to really know how to emote and transform for the camera. Having an exceptionally beautiful face... also an asset.

    Justine Paquette is an excellent example of a model that does not suffer from her smaller stature.

    The 5'7" Next Canada model is based in Montréal, but does very well in Paris. This year she has direct-booked jobs through each of Next's Toronto and Vancouver offices and added a ton of covers and editorial along the way.

    Her latest tear sheets come from [Dress to] Kill's beauty section, photographed by Neil Motta.

    To get a better sense of the kind of 2010 Paquette has had, check out her tags on Next Canada's blog.

    Next Canada's Justine Paquette in [Dress to] Kill, by Neil Motta
    makeup & hair: Paco (Satellite); styling: Sara Bruneau (Satellite)

    December 7, 2010

    Since September, Chantale Nadeau's Danielle Seitz has been pretty much the most visible model in Canada.

    The B.C. native (with Sutherland in Toronto and Folio in Montréal) has been in heavy demand since moving East in September.

    From video to editorial to campaign to runway, the 5'11" blue-eyed blonde has been everywhere.

    Her latest story is a Maude Arsenault, vampire-inspired spread, appearing in Scout Magazine, and it's gorgeous!

    See the other 15 images at Modelresource Plus+.

    Chantale Nadeau's Danielle Seitz in Scout, by Maude Arsenault
    makeup & hair: Leslie-Ann Thomson (Folio); styling: Olivia Leblanc (Folio)

    December 6, 2010


    This week starts with another B.C. face to keep tabs on.

    Callum is a 19-year-old, who started just one short month ago with Vancouver's Key Models and is already signed to Wilhelmina in New York.

    A man with a sense of humour, the 6'2" Salt Spring Island native lists the following as his favourite aspects of the modelling industry:
    • All the hard work for those brief moments in front of the camera.
    • Not being stuck in a routine and seeing how every shoot unravels differently.
    • Zoolander.
    • Going on mad adventures and exploring the world.
    • The fabulous, dynamic people you get to work with.
    • Letting it all go and surrendering to the unknown.
    • And obviously dancing and raging to the background beats!
    Portfolio shots from Callum's young book are posted on Modelresource Plus+.

    Key Models' 6'2" Callum

    December 3, 2010

    Ben Barry's Liis Windischmann by Lily & Lilac
    For a couple months now, a bit of a shakeup has been underway in the Toronto industry as Liis Windischmann - for years, the top plus-size model in Canada - has been working into a new position as a Partner / Agency Director at Ben Barry Models.

    The agency's revamped website ( went live earlier this week, and the tweets (@BenBarryAgency) have rapidly followed, making the new parntership public for the first time.

    More details of the new affiliation can be read on the agency's media release, posted on Modelresource Plus+.

    December 2, 2010

    New images of Jessica Lewis appearing in Schön Magazine.

    The Elmer Olsen model was shot by Rayan Ayash ( for this story, more of which can be seen at Modelresource Plus+.

    Elmer Olsen's Jessica Lewis in Schön, by Rayan Ayash
    makeup & hair: Vittorio (Plutino); styling: Shan Sarwar (Push)

    December 1, 2010

    The newest source of tearsheets in Canada has a decidedy Toronto slant.

    YYZ Living, with Annie Lam as its Managing Editor, is set to launch Wednesday, promising 20% fashion content, and 10% beauty.

    The premiere issue features a Christoper Wadsworth editorial featuring Edan Gold (Sutherland) and a beauty story with Irina Funtikova (Elite), shot by Koby (

    Submissions for stories and editorials are welcome (

    The first issue will be available online (, and is coming soon to bookstores like Chapters/Indigo in the GTA.

    Sutherland's Edan Gold in YYZ Living, by Christopher Wadsworth
    styling: Alexandra Loeb; hair & makeup: Cody Alain

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