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April 2010

April 28, 2010

A spread in the new Naked Eye features a whole bunch of Folio talent wrapped into one story.

Models Michea Crawford and Médéric collaborated with stylist Jenn Finkelstein and makeup & hair artist Leslie-Ann Thomson for "Eyes on the Prize," photographed by Donat (

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April 28, 2010

Modelresource's Twitter account picked up on a lot of chirping Tuesday, about the demise of one of Toronto's top Artist Rep agencies.

The Artist Group, which Modelresource featured in 2007, has apparently ceased its operations without notice.

A lot of rumours are circulating, but since I can't substantiate anything here I won't be saying too much at this point.

Obviously this affects a lot of people in the Canadian fashion industry, so if anyone involved with management side of The Artist Group would like to make a statement I would be more than willing to publish it here.

April 27, 2010

Two things I noted when I met Meghan Collison for the first time in January: her skin is flawless (read: FLAWLESS!), and her teeth are perfect.

Straight teeth aren't unusual in this industry, but in Collison's case they're rarely on display. She's the edgy girl.

So I was kind of happy to see, among the bulk of new editorial the Mode model (Next in Toronto and Montréal) has been collecting, a smiling shot in the new VMan.

Also pictured below are recent images from W Korea and Interview Magazine.

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April 26, 2010

The new Vie Magazine ( opted to go with some easily recognizable faces for its second issue, enlisting three models that are quite familiar to Modelresource readers.

"Pale By Comparison" features Elmer Olsen's Chantilly Scott, photographed by Koby (

Meanwhile, Mr. Longevity himself, Spot 6's Paul Mason joins Elite's timelessly beautiful Marla Boehr in "Lux Deluxe," by Alvaro Goveia (

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April 19, 2010

Modelresource, of course, is more than happy to tell you who/what we like in the Canadian industry.

And we've been known to share a local booker's favourable impressions of their own talent.

But it's especially nice when a New York agent takes time out of his weekend to go on about one of ours.

Such was the case Saturday evening when Wilhelmina's Roman Young shot off an email praising new face Sonja.

We first told you about the 5'9" British Columbian in January, when mother agent A.I.M. was preparing for the 15-year-old's first foray south of the border.

"She is one of the most incredible models I have ever worked with!" tells Modelresource.

That's some pretty high praise considering that in addition to the talent surrounding him now, Young previously worked at Elite and Women.

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April 16, 2010

Filler Magazine's Spring issue is waiting for you right about here.

Pictured below are a couple selected images, featuring Next's Dani Thompson in "Call of Duty," and Elmer Olsen's Anastasiya (who stars alongside fellow EO model Stephen Shaw) in the short film "Pour Me a Drink."

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April 14, 2010

Modelresource first told you about Canadian photographer Jessie Craig ( more than a year ago, when she was establishing herself in Paris.

The Vancouver native now lives in London and is making quite a name for herself.

FDIB made note of her work in November, followed by appearances on and

Most recently, picked up on Craig's work, and now feature her as a contributor.

Pictured here are two of Craig's recent images from London, featuring Sutherland's Tsanna LaTouche.

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April 13, 2010


Modelresource gave you a bit of a glimpse of Elite's Jason during LG Fashion Week, when he was one of two males selected for the Joe Fresh fashion show.

Since being spotted at a hometown restaurant by a local photographer, the Guelph native has also signed with DNA in New York, MGM in Paris and Fashion in Milan.

The 6'1" brunette is now looking forward to the Men's shows, happening in June in Europe.

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April 13, 2010

Next's Isla for L'Officiel Maroc
The work just keeps rolling in for Isla.

It has been eight months since starting with Next, and the 5'10" brunette continues to show up in Canadian campaigns and editorials at a remarkable rate.

Now, along with the Saskatchewan native's new Blush lingerie campaign shot by Max Abadian, comes her first international cover.

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April 9, 2010

Most people really don't get the value of the people that bring photos to life (I have this conversation a lot).

This, of course, is Jessiann Gravel, photographed for last week's Women x Women by Geneviève Charbonneau.

I'm linking to the video as well, because it nicely demonstrates that modelling is not just about looking pretty; it's about connecting with the photographer and bringing an appropriate energy to the set.

Compare this with what you typically see in the Montage brunette's images, and you see someone that not only knows her angles, but finds different ways to engage.

Jessiann is so bookable because she has such a broad range.

Throw in the styling of Jenn Finkelstein and the makeup & hair of Steven Turpin (both Folio), and you've got a crew that's going to make the project memorable for all the right reasons.

Many clients think they can cut corners by bartering for talent that works for free.

Those are typically the same clients whose campaigns you don't remember (or if you do, it's not in the way they would hope for).

(more images below)

Montage's Jessiann Gravel, by Geneviève Charbonneau
makeup & hair: Steven Turpin (Folio); styling: Jenn Finkelstein (Folio)

April 6, 2010

Loving these days: the work of Shalan & Paul (

The wife & husband team of Shalan and Paul Crivellari left the nation's capital last year, and have been endearing themselves to Toronto's fashion community ever since.

Pictured here is recent work with Sutherland's Christy Battell.

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Sutherland's Christy Battell, by Shalan & Paul
makeup & hair: Katie LeBoutillier (Artist Group)

April 5, 2010

Last season Folio's Gabi made her way to Toronto for fashion week, and looked pretty spectacular.

I was hoping she would make it back again this time.

She didn't, but she does appear in the pages of the new K!LL magazine, shot by Donat (

(more images below)

Folio's Gabi, by Donat
styling: Fritz (Satellite), makeup & hair: Leslie-Ann Thomson (Folio)

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