Making Contact

Before e-mailing an agency, consider that some modelling agencies receive hundreds of messages everyday from new models. To really get their attention, you have to respect their time.

Remember to be professional. The subject line of your e-mail should be something like "New Face," or "Seeking Representation." It should not say "The Next Supermodel," or "Your Newest Star."

The body of the e-mail should indicate that you would like to be considered for representation by that agency.

  • your age
  • height
  • measurements (bust, waist, hips)
  • whether or not you have any scars, birthmarks or tattoos
  • the area you live in

  • If you include photos:
  • don't send more than five. They will ask for more if they like what they see
  • send them in jpeg format
  • not larger than 350x450 pixels
  • the resolution should not be more than 100 pixels per inch

  • Several on-line resources are available for models wanting to market themselves on the internet. Among the more popular sites used by models are angelfire, homestead, geocities, yahoo's photoalbum and aol's members' pages.

    If you have a website, humbly request they review it at their convenience. Make it clear you understand how busy they are, and you appreciate them taking the time to look.

  • statements like "if you don't look, your loss," or "Get back to me immediately."
  • poor grammar or spelling.
  • taglines at the bottom of your message
  • smileys
  • slang
  • distracting backgrounds

  • If an agency is going to take the time to review your site, you have to give them an indication you are bright, professional, and understand the industry.

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