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Summer 2005

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I think I have the "stuff" to be a model, (I'm 5'10", 125lbs, people always tell me that I look like Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz, Naomi Watts etc). The only thing is, I'm 33 years old, - although I look younger.

I'm wondering if it's possible and/or worth it/lucrative to model at my age? Currently, I am an actor and could use a bit of cash on the side, so to speak, but have never done any modelling.

Modelresource's reply:

A few weeks ago I was a fly on the wall as Carole Reynolds, one of the most experienced bookers in the city, coaxed a 40-something-year-old grandmother into seeing what opportunities awaited her with Sutherland Models.

I watched Carole introducing her new prospect to agency owner Ann Sutherland, and talking excitedly about the the types of bookings for which she would be suitable.

Carole seemed the logical source then, for a reply:
33 years old is a fabulous age for the market in Toronto!!

Our demographic is getting older - clients are always looking for models in the 30 - 40 age range, and we just don't have enough fresh faces in this category! (Of course the standard model requirements still apply - tall, slender, great skin, teeth and hair).

There is plenty of work in catalogue, commercial print and tv commercials, as well as some editorial and advertising for beautiful women in their 30's!

Carole Reynolds