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Summer 2005

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What makeup should I be wearing when I show up for a test shoot and should I be bringing some of my own stuff if I know it looks good on me?

Rubina (Saskatoon)

Modelresource's reply:

Thanks Rubina,

We went to the 2004 Lancôme Makeup Artist of the Year, Hung Vanngo for this answer:
Models should arrive with perfectly cleansed and moisturized faces, and groomed brows when they come for test shoots. Even if they have some blemishes, they should not put anything on their face besides moisturizer. Makeup artists prefer to work on a clean canvas. It saves them time from removing the makeup before their application and also helps them to see what features they are working with.

If the model doesn't know how to groom her own brows or what kind of shape she should have, it is best to let the makeup artist do it for her or show her how to do it when working with them instead of over-tweezing or waxing.

Models don't have to bring their own makeup because most makeup artists should have everything that they need to work on her for a shoot.

Take care,

Hung Vanngo