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Summer 2005

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I love your site and I think it's a great help to models. However, I'm just kind of starting to get into modelling right now and I have to say I think the hardest thing about it is the weight management.

The agency I'm working with wants me to have 35" hips, and I've already gone from 37" to 36". But there is virtually no advice on this topic anywhere! I could really use some serious help such as diet plans, specific exercises, etc.

I work out a lot and eat very healthy but that doesn't always work! I am positive that I am not the only girl in this situation.

I don't want to starve myself but I'm so lost! I just want honest answers and real help.


Modelresource's reply:

What makes this especially tricky is that everyone's body reacts differently.

For me, giving up dairy helped me to lose 50 pounds. I went to a homeopath in Calgary (one session only) and she asked me a lot of questions to understand my history and patterns. She concluded my body couldn't process dairy as quickly as I was consuming it, so I ended up storing it as fat and slowing the digestion of everything else I was eating and drinking.

I can't say you would receive the same results, but I am a strong believer in homeopathy as an complementary alternative to traditional medicine.

Homeopathic services generally aren't covered by provincial health care, but you can't put a price on wellness. With my one appointment (and the herbs I bought as a result) I ended up spending about $100.00. I probably save that much on groceries every two weeks because of how much less I eat now. I also sleep better, think more clearly and am so much more relaxed. Again though, this is just something that worked for me.

A lot of agencies suggest personal trainers. The price is steep, but if you're serious about modelling and can't lose the inches on your own, you'll need someone who can work with you one-on-one to help you get individual results.

Other things to try in the meantime, if you haven't already: drink lots of water (cleanses the system), walk lots (if you have a dog, take it out every evening), swimming, yoga, pilates and stretching exercizes.