Meeting with Agents

When first preparing to meet with agencies, the best thing to do is call to find out if they have open calls, or if you need to make an appointment to see them. Open calls are also discussed on

When you visit, wear figure flattering clothes, your hair off your face and little or no makeup.

Ask plenty of questions. Find out if their focus is mainly on local work or international placement. Ask to see examples of work their models have done. Some agencies require a "membership fee" in order to represent you. Some agencies take larger commissions than others.

Be sure to find out what your expenses would be. Among the costs to find out about:

  • Classes you would be required to complete
  • Website inclusion
  • Other online systems
  • Long-distance calling and faxing on your behalf
  • Courier charges
  • Composite cards / composite sheets
  • Digitals / snapshots
  • Portfolio book
Find out how long the agency has been around, and what experience the employees have.

Learn how they would market you (lifestyle, editorial, etc.), what steps are required before they start promoting you, any physical changes you would be expected to make, and what successes they've had promoting models (ask to see examples of work their models have done).

If an agency is interested in representing you they should be happy to answer your questions. If they seem unprofessional in their attitude, that may be a sign of things to come.

Be polite, prompt, attentive and pleasant. All are signs of professionalism, and are greatly appreciated by agents.