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Geoff Barrenger

Geoff Barrenger
for Highrise Magazine
Who is he? One of the most influential fashion photographers in Canada. An agency favourite when developing their models' books, and a fashion magazine favourite for illustrating ideas and trends...

Says Geoff: "I need one of these self-descriptions pre-typed......I shoot editorial and lots of creatives. Just experimenting now, seeing how I can grow with all this stuff. Check out the website ( I suppose. Thanks."

Hires Models for: Editorial, Commercial

What you look for when you cast models? "Energy. Some people are so asleeeeep. Just generally being positive is amazing. There was this one shoot last week outside with bathing suits, the model was a huge sport but it was freezing."

Geoff Barrenger
for Elm Street's The Look
What turns you off to a model? "Laziness. Or if I get the impression they just don't want to be there. There are so many other models who want it, so why not help them out instead of someone who doesn't want it?"

Anything else? "There's a bit of luck involved in it too. A model might go on a go-see and the photographer might be in a bad mood or whatever, or just not into anything that day. It happens, a lot of us are moody and have behavioral problems and get grumpy. Don't take it personal. Sometimes you only get one shot, most of the time, you get more."


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