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Mario Rigby

Certified Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach Mario Rigby is a dedicated personal trainer and Next model in Toronto who thrives on seeing his clients succeed. He ensures their motivation stays high by creating fun, yet effective workouts, while helping them set realistic goals that will lead to long lasting results. Mario's principles come from an athletic which gives him a scientific and goal oriented approach. With his background in modeling Mario knows exactly what models need to achieve in order to become successful in the fashion industry, whether it is toning up your body, or getting ready for fashion week.

Mario is a specialist in sport conditioning, functional movement training, group training, and general fitness for health and fat loss. He is currently a competitive Track & Field athlete representing his country 'Turks & Caicos Islands'. Mario has broken a provincial record in Ontario in the 400-meter event. Successfully coaching over 40 athletes in Cross Country, Track & Field, football, basketball and other various sport, five of whom that competed at the provincial level Mario has proven his place in the Health and Fitness world.

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