A Hint of Things to Come

Rachel Blais
Rachel Blais
When she was 15, Rachel Blais walked into an open call at Montréal's Folio Models and ended up doing a test shoot... and then was told to come back in a year because she wasn't ready.

Jamie Lee Johnson
Jamie Lee Johnson
Jamie Lee Johnson at age 14, was scouted by Mode Models following a soccer game in her hometown of Edmonton.

Rachel Blais pictorial feature

Jamie Lee Johnson pictorial feature

Two years later Johnson was modelling in Milan. Following high school she was working full-time in Australia. She's now on stay with ID Models in New York.

Blais, when she was 16, DID come back to Folio and like Johnson, started her international career in Milan. Now 19, Blais is modelling with Trump Models in New York. Says Folio owner Corinne Poracchia "She is a very bright and determinated girl. We all love her." took notice of the Canadian pair in September 2004 -- and considering the NY-based website's impressive forecasting record, we're happy to tell you more about these two Canadians you can expect to see a lot more often.

A big thank-you to Tonya Albulet from Mode International and Corinne Poracchia from Folio Montréal