Lydia Nyilasi

May 15, 2006

Lydia Nyilasi Wow! I can't believe I'm in London! Living in Chelsea! Surrounded by la-dee-daa conservative Brits! I'm so fascinated! When I'm wearing my weekend clothes just going to the local supermarket, I must tell you, I do feel a bit out of place. But it is also quite a fascinating feeling! I would describe it as: How did I end up here of all places??? I can just imagine Prince William trodding along down the street confidently with his nose up in the air. Accessorized with a long black umbrella and a bowler hat.

The model apartment, in contrast, is definitly not a reflection of my dazzling neighbourhood. We've got rooms filled with bunkbeds, dysfunctioning toilets and showerheads. Walls are adorned with giant silk screened prints of male supermodels, including Brad Kroenig. Sometimes I sit on the couch of the living room and stare at Brad and ask him "Why are you blown up the size of a, more like King Kong?? Do you know this?" So then I just telepathically let him know that little tidbit of information.

My most absolute favorite thing about the model apartment is the length of the hallway. It's so perfect for practising my grande jetés when I have sudden bursts of energy. I just run as fast as I can down the hallway and jump into my rendition of the splits at the end. I'm not very flexible, but it is so much fun. I just hope the neighbours downstairs won't start banging the ceiling with their broomstick anytime soon. But then, they're probably too posh to do that.

My trip to London so far has been full of surprises. The first was the flight over. I was sitting surrounded by the Southern Wales Police Rugby Team. About 45 giant men. Lets just say I felt VERY PROTECTED. It was most definitely a SAFE flight, which included not much food, not much sleep, and LOTS of chatting! I thought they'd break into song at one point.

After taking the train from Gatwick to Victoria Station, I grabbed a taxi to take to the agency. Then came another surprise:

THE AGENCY IS MONSTROUSLY, MASSIVELY HUGE. I've been in there a few times already at this point, and I still feel intimidated when I step in. There's a giant table sectioned off for the Men's board, another giant booking table for the Women's board, ANOTHER for New Faces, aaand another for special bookings, like Twiggy and such. Plus, there's a reception area when you step in, and different rooms with couches and offices. That is another thing I've never seen in an agency.

The next day I had my very first castings and go-sees. Actually, one casting and three go-sees. I was really tired and disoriented, but found my way to each of them. At the first casting they asked me to cut my hair. At the second "appointment" (as the British say) they kept trying over and over to buzz me in without me comprehending and just standing in the hallway. At the third one the photographer asked me to roll against the wall with my hair whipping around and then to fall on the floor. And at the last go-see the destination was right smack in front of my nose and I still managed to turn myself into a lost chicken.

Actually, my third "appointment" was quite the story. Somehow I thought it was at 1 p.m. So when I buzzed the buzzer, I was quite shocked to hear "Ehm, yo're a littow bi' oorley, cood you com back in foyve minutes?" As I wandered away from the building I checked my schedule. Whoops! 14:00!! Not 13:00. But I went back ten minutes later and ended up shooting with the photographer for about an hour! He put me in two contrasting dresses (both very sexy I must add - self-consciousness is not a handy thing in these situations) and had me do all sorts of fun, crazy things. Whip my hair around my face, roll against the wall, fall on the floor, pretend I'm deadly fierce lying on the floor, and lastly, pretend I've gone mad in a music video. I did a great job. I am really proud of myself.

After that wonderful day of castings and go sees I spent the weekend sleeping, bonding with my roommates, and wandering around the Victoria and Albert museum.

Life is good here so far. Lets just hope I survive tomorrow! Seven castings! All in a row!

More to follow

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