Anya Nordström

July 12, 2007

Anya Nordstrom
Anya Nordström
After a very long flight from Toronto to Milan, and then from Milan to Athens I was welcomed by a heat wave from Africa. I've never felt heat like this before in my life. It was 48 in the shade! When the wind blew I felt like I couldn't breathe, and you can imagine what hell that was with ten castings a day! Now that the heat wave has gone things are a bit more bearable - still hot, but nice and sunny.

Since Athens is such an old city the streets look as if they were made on top of each other, so without good directions even the Greeks seem to get lost. The metro system is very simple and the buses and trams get you where you need to go, but I still seem to get lost once or twice a day.

I'm signed with ACE and they seem to be the better agency here. The bookers are all very friendly and organized and they definitely keep all of the models busy.

Most of the international models stay at Tony's Hotel. We like to call it Tony's Hostel instead because it makes a little more sense. There are about 30 other models and since the lobby is the only well air conditioned place everyone congregates there, which is nice because it means we're all close friends and we have kind of a family bond.

The market here is a little confusing though. The girls range from short to tall, from red to blonde and from all over the world. before I came to Athens I was told that the Greek market is perfect for blonde hair and green eyes, but it seems like the girls who are working the most are dark hair and dark eyes. Maybe with a little more time I'll understand the market a little more.

As for the locals, most speak decent English because of the never ending flow of tourists, and everyone is always willing to offer directions, even if they are completely wrong. It's better to depend on your map, and if you really need to ask the metro information booth usually knows exactly which bus will get you where you need to be. The men of Athens - not all, but definitely a majority - are very aggressive toward women who don't look Greek. I've had boys as young as six follow me for a block or two making comments in Greek, and if you try to tell them to leave you alone it only encourages them. I just act as if I don't see or hear them, and they seem to get the hint.

Another confusing part of being a model in Athens is that the city is divided into about eight to ten different areas and almost every area has a few of the same street names, so be sure to include the area you are looking for when you inquire, otherwise you'll end up in the complete opposite place. Trust me, I've learned from experience.

When you book a job they are almost always shot during the week, so the weekends are free. I've spent my weekends almost entirely at the beach. It's beautiful and you can see the coasts of the neighbouring Greek islands in the distance. The sun doesn't usually set until about 8:30 so even if you don't make it to the ocean until 5:00 or 6:00 you still have plenty of time to swim and enjoy the time off.

Lots of love from Greece!

More to follow...

Anya Nordström is a Chantale Nadeau model, with Ace in Athens.


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